Move Screenshots with workflows

Is there an easy way to determine which screenshot(s) in the .screenshot folder belong to which workflow. I was playing around with UI Path and my dummy project now has over 200 images. There are some useful workflows within this dummy project so I have copy pasted the workflow(s) into a new project however I have to take the whole .screenshot folder as I don’t know which images are relevant.

Maybe this needs to go into the idea’s forum as can the Extract Workflow be used to extract to a different project including screenshots instead of extracting to just the same project?

Good question. The only way to find out which screenshots are used in a certain workflow is to checki nto the .xaml file. Use a text/xml editor.

Look after the informative screenshot property.

<ui:Click.Target> <ui:Target ClippingRegion="{x:Null}" Element="{x:Null}" TimeoutMS="{x:Null}" InformativeScreenshot=“7f4895e564758e100e032766a5fa73ea” Selector="&lt;wnd ctrlname='pnlMain' /&gt;&lt;wnd ctrlname='grpDeposit' /&gt;&lt;wnd ctrlname='btnDepositAccept' /&gt;" WaitForReady="INTERACTIVE" /> </ui:Click.Target>