Screen Scrape an Entire SAP Table?


I am working on a PoC for an SAP automation and was wondering if it is possible to screen scrape ALL of the entries from an SAP table? I tried using the data scraping wizard, but I can’t select a single field on the table and receive this error:


I am able to use a screen scrape to get 45 of the entries in the table, but we get thousands of these every day so I want to scrape ALL of them. I know that I can export the table to an xlsx file, but my manager prefers we stay away from exporting files if possible.



Have you enabled script on both client and server side ?

Kindly enable the sap gui as we would be able to scrap the table with DATA SCRAPPING method in SAP Window
For more details

Cheers @s3vn


SAP GUI Scripting is enabled on both the server and client side. I can pull data from other tables, but this one gives me the error I posted above. The table is created using a custom T-Code, could it be how they programmed this T-Code?


hi @s3vn
try to use screen scraping by region scraping, this may helps you

I found the fix, I updated my UIPath.UIAutomation.Activities package to version 19.11.0 and the “Data Scraping” wizard was able to pull the entire table without an issue!!

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