Can't extract SAP data table with Data Scraping

I’m trying to extract a data table from SAP but it doesn’t work. I’ve tried using Data Scraping and I received the error message “this control doesn’t support data extraction”. I know that I could download the excel file but I’d like to do it in a smarter way (I only need to take one cell for each row).

Can someone help me?

P.S. I’ve already check the SAP GUI and is installed

Hi @valerio.boffino

Checkout this thread



Is scripting enabled on sap as well??

You can try for each ui element and get text inside it so that the cell value is read

But easiest would be export as excel and delete non required columns


Hi @valerio.boffino

Please use Native Export functionality of SAP

this will give you a super fast results, with all data in Excel

Best regards, Lev

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I specified that I would like to do it without exporting the Excel file from SAP but using directly the Data Scraping for extract the Table :confused:

Should I assume that isn’t possible to do it in another way?

Thanks :slight_smile:


“Native SAP” is the best approach and Yes, you can do it directly with UiPath.

Check the SAP scripting, show us a screenshot of selector of any element in this table

Best regards, Lev

you can use table extraction

Hello everyone,
@Farah_halawani it doesn’t work as well as Data Scraping.

@Sudharsan_Ka I’ve already tried to do a get text activity but it seems that the data table is like a whole block and I can’t do it

@LevKushnir here’s the selector of the table using a get text

Thanks :slight_smile:

on your screen I see, that the scripting is not properly enabled.

in selector you should see SAP ID

You would need to see this and they you can extract the data

Please double check the settings Configuration Steps

Server Side and Client side

Best regards, Lev