SAP Automation - This control does not support data extraction - Data Scraping Activity

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to extract data table from SAP, but the activity ‘Data Scraping’ isn’t working.
UiPath Version : v2019.10.4 / Automation Activities Package Version : v20.4.1

I have tried downgrading the automation package to a lower version, like @LevKushnir once told me in an earliest post, but it’s not working in this case(It was for dectection check boxes).

Post link : UiPath Studio doesn't identify click boxes in SAP (UiPath Version 2019.10.4)

Can you please help me find a solution to this, or any other solution to bypass this.


HI @Meloueh01

I would suggest to use native SAP possibilities to extract data - see Red-Box

The tables above (so called listed tables) are not supported for Data Scraping now.

Best regards, Lev


Hello @Meloueh01, hello @LevKushnir, hello Community,

at first for all:
You can open the graphical display of your spool request via TAC SP01, after you fill in the data you want in the selction screen, choose a spool you like and press F6 for display contents.

As far as I can see, in the most cases of my examples, is the graphical spool display, from the SAP GUI Scripting API, not more as a direct output of labels on the user screen area of SAP. In some cases it is an embedded control.

The SAP data provider don’t loads the whole table for performance reasons, only the visible part. You can see it in a large ALV grid, if you scroll fast to another entry.

I don’t know if it is the same with the spool, but I assume. For this reason, I assume that data scraping in SAP tables should not be easy to implement. Also for the user area, where you can also find completely different UI elements.

The way which Lev describes seams to be the best way to get the data you need. It is your turn to convert the data in a format you can work with.

Best regards

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Thank you @LevKushnir and @StefanSchnell for your input !

I actually went with this, and it’s working perfectly

Thank you again for this awesome community <3 !


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