Extract SAP information from command f-03

I want to extract all the information from this table but it only select the all the screen and with screen scraping only extracts the information that is visible, i dont know if there is another way to extrac the information that is not visible.

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Please try scraping using full text method

If you want only the data inside that Grid (Table) , please use data scraping option instead of Screenscraping
The Data scraping option automatically detects the table data

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I try the extract full text method it doesnt bring me anything,
Yes i only wanted the info inse the grid but the data scraping option doesnt work on it.

Hi , did you enable the Scripting option in your SAP system ?

To be honest i did the firts part that enables the scripts, for the second part from the video of academy i didn´t have permissons, so i asked the client to active them i dont know if the second part of the scripts is enable. but while i work it identifies some elements.

Okay , that could be the reason .
Only after the SAP scripting enabled both in client side and server side , then only you can expect the Actual behavior of the Uipath tool