Datascraping is not extracting all the rows from SAP table


I’m trying to extract table from SAP to datatable. I’m using data scraping to do it. When I extract data the, it only extracts 117 rows rather than extracting all 800 rows. My screen only shows about 40 rows so that means it is extracting but doesn’t after 117 rows.

SAP is loading all the data.

This would be really useful, if it can extract all rows.

Any ideas?


Hello, there are a lot of methods you could use. I recommend you to go to the SAP tutorial that UIpath created. There’s a lot of handy tricks in there that I bet will be useful for you. If you can’t do it after the small course let let know.

I tried that. But this is more of while loop and counter. This will be done using loop. is there another way to grab the whole data and save into datatable? I was hoping not to use excel file for exporting. How do extract the whole table?


In properties of Data scraping Activity, have you changed MaxNoOfResults field to 0 ?


Yes I have

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Did you also changed Native to Full Text? If that doesn’t work for you, scrape then scroll and keep scraping. All data that you keep getting you can either put it in a data table or append it to an excel. That method I used it a few times in apps that were hard to deal with.


@rmunro I’m using Data scraping not screen scraping. How do I do the scrape the scroll and scraping?

Try screen scraping, try full text and native which ever works better for this scenario. You will get the info as string with is unstructured data, to structure the data you can use “Generate Data Table” activity and then use write range to paste it in excel. You will have to scroll down with clicks or the down key depending which works better.