Datascraping is not extracting all the rows from SAP table


I’m trying to extract table from SAP to datatable. I’m using data scraping to do it. When I extract data the, it only extracts 117 rows rather than extracting all 800 rows. My screen only shows about 40 rows so that means it is extracting but doesn’t after 117 rows.

SAP is loading all the data.

This would be really useful, if it can extract all rows.

Any ideas?


Hello, there are a lot of methods you could use. I recommend you to go to the SAP tutorial that UIpath created. There’s a lot of handy tricks in there that I bet will be useful for you. If you can’t do it after the small course let let know.

I tried that. But this is more of while loop and counter. This will be done using loop. is there another way to grab the whole data and save into datatable? I was hoping not to use excel file for exporting. How do extract the whole table?


In properties of Data scraping Activity, have you changed MaxNoOfResults field to 0 ?


Yes I have

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Did you also changed Native to Full Text? If that doesn’t work for you, scrape then scroll and keep scraping. All data that you keep getting you can either put it in a data table or append it to an excel. That method I used it a few times in apps that were hard to deal with.


@rmunro I’m using Data scraping not screen scraping. How do I do the scrape the scroll and scraping?

Try screen scraping, try full text and native which ever works better for this scenario. You will get the info as string with is unstructured data, to structure the data you can use “Generate Data Table” activity and then use write range to paste it in excel. You will have to scroll down with clicks or the down key depending which works better.

Hi @Birdi,

Were you able to resolve this issue?
I am facing the same problem. Tried both Data & Screen scrapping but not all the rows are being extracted.

Having this same issue, please respond if you have a resolution


To be able to review this issue, please give me some screenshots, some sap transactions, where I can reproduce it.

Thanks, Lev

We have experienced it multiple times as well. However thinking of it, it might be happening in custom ares of a transaction code. We usually circumvent it by exporting to excel and reading the data from there.

I know for certain that we have experienced it in BMBC, ZMM134 and HUMO (see image with the search critera used for HUMO). I can’t share specific data and screenshots unfortunately. But I know the issue happens when the whole table is not visible and SAP/the table does incremental loading.

There is a slight chance that it has also happened on columns when they are not visible.

We have used Data Scraping.

It has occurred in both 18.2 and 19.4.


Hello Team,
I am also facing the same issue.I have almost 140 rows in SAP and while doing scraping it takes only 120.Also while filtering the data it is not taking proper conditions specified.
Can somebody please help me with it.


Any solution for this apart from exporting it as excel sheet. Even I am stuck with same issue.


To be able to review this issue, please give me some screenshots, some sap transactions, where I can reproduce it.

Just say: “it does not work”, will not help you, will not help me!

Thanks, Lev

Hello, I cannot provide you the tabular data of SAP but in order to replicate this issue, please try downloading a file from SAP by inputting some data(you must be having an SAP E1Q for testing I guess)

  1. Once data is entered and you click execute, it will display the table in screen comprising of the data based on your input paramters.(see snip below-This is sample table image copy pasted from google, I cannot share my SAP data but the output after step 1 is exactly same.)

  2. Once the table appears on the screen, I start ‘Data Scraping’ and paste the values to some other excel sheet for further processing.

  3. Issue: For instance if there are 120 rows in SAP table after data scrapping only 50 rows are captured when I write back to excel sheet.

HI @Faraz_Subhani

Please excuse late response. From the example above I see an SAP Grid Table, the recommended and the most reliable way of data extraction is to use native SAP Export Functionality, which allows super fast export of all data independent of data size and row numbers.

See an example here:

Best regards, Lev

Please may I know what exactly is native SAP Export Functionality and how can I use it using Uipath?

With native SAP export I mean this Button:

i got this problem before, I solve it by scrolling down the table while doing the data scrapping, it seem the data is not generated when it not displayed on screen.