Unable to scrape data from SAP Table

I am unable to use data scraping in SAP. Anyone did?

Hi @dhennespiritu

I did :slight_smile:

These tables are called SAP labeled tables. For human-being they looks like a table, but from technical point of view it is just a set of characters.

There 2 ways of working with such tables:

  1. Use native SAP Export functionality, which allows you to export the data in very fast manner for super huge tables in a seconds. It means, you are not relying on automation tool.

  2. Use UiPath Studio for data scraping. Support for the SAP labeled tables was added with UiAutomation Pack starting from version 20.8

Best regards, Lev

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Hello there,

Were you able to update as well the columns that are editable? In my case, I need to loop so I can update the prices or unit of measurement per article

unfortunately, we are using uiPath enterprise and 20.4 is the latest package for uipath automation activities.

But do you need to scrape the data or edit those columns?

Scrape and edit at the same time

But after you scrape the data and put in a DataTable, what will you need to do with that?

First I need the datatable so I can somehow loop in the SAP Table to update a certain field.

Well, for me, if i dont need all the data to be transported somewhere, i would not do a full scrape… To be able to edit a certain field, you wont need the DataTable…

hmmm but this table has many pages.

still, i dont see how scrapping a whole lot of data can help you to edit those columns you need…