Screen Resolution Problems


I have wierd problem that needs resolving. I have a process built on a server and it works perfectly when I run. When the client runs it is not working. The only difference is our own system’s screen resolution. The resolution of RDP machine is fixed and locked.
My screen resolution is 1366x768 and the client one’s is 2376x1824. Is it possible that without changing client’s screen resolution the process works. I tried runnig from studio as well as from the orchestrator.




Hi @rameezimtiaz,
Is this automation built based on remote runtime plugin?

I didnt use any plugin. What do you mean by that?

By that I mean that for proper automation on remote machines there is a better approach where you can use Runtime and RDP Automation to avoid such unexpected issues.
More information:

no i did not use these. conventional automation was done

I fixed the problem by creating a batch file that sets the resolution to what I want and call it everytime the process in invoked.

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