Scrapping Query

i want to scrap data from SAP B1 application
so could you please sugest me can i scrap the data from SAP
because i tried it but its not working and if there is another option for this problem then please sugeste me

Hi @kailas_jadhav

I hope the below links will be helpful for you.

Thank you.

I can’t understand sir for your reference could you please tell me in detail for my query

Hi @kailas_jadhav

Please tell me what kind of data you want to extract from SAP in detail. It would be really helpful if you can explain through some screenshots and steps.

Thank you.


In this pic there is one Item No column and i want to match this data with this excel file
so how should i do this…?
MILLENNIUM-SEMICONDUCTORS-INDIA-PVT-LTD-P212200250_25Nov21_04_50_29_PM.xlsx (8.3 KB)
if both the values match then okay
but if values will not match then that item number will delete from SAP Item No column

Hi @kailas_jadhav

Here is the steps I am thinking of,

Step 1: I believe Data scraping will work here, so you can extract the whole ‘Item No’ data in to Data Table. If Data scraping is not working, look for any existing excel export option and make use of read range activity to store the result into a DataTable.

Step 2: Extract the Item No from the master excel file and Load to an another DataTable.

Step 3: Iterate through DataTables and look for a match, if match found delete the item no from SAP grid view by performing ‘send hotkey’

Hope this will be helpful. Thank you.

ill try it and then ill let you know

i tried it but scrapping is not working in SAP
if you have any other idea the tell me

Do we have any inbuild export capability in SAP? I don’t have any SAP environment here to check.

Thank you.

No sir

@ppr @pravin_calvin @kirankumar.mahanthi1 @Yoichi @Srini84

Your insights on SAP B1 application to scrap data please.

Thank you.


Hi @Jobin_Joy

Looping @StefanSchnell SAP Expert!




As per the @Jobin_Joy earlier post for your query. did you tried enabling the GUI scripting for the SAP applications. if you enable this option most of the SAP applications will allow you to extract the data from the UI(even data scraping or you can extract the data as table format) or else you could spy only total window.

Please refer the below documentation on how to enable GUI scripting. if you already enabled please share your confirmation.



Hello Pravin,
thanks for bringing that post into my attention, but I am no SAP Business One expert. As far as I can see is the SAP Business One client an own software, independently from the SAP GUI for Windows.
Best regards


HI All + @StefanSchnell

Let me clarify the situation with SAP Business One.

SAP Business One in general does not support any accessibility technology, such as AA or UIA Microsoft Active Accessibility and UI Automation Compared - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn

  • It means that SAP Business One does not allow the access to their frontend with help of any technical solutions.
  • It means that UiPath cannot get a technical selectors of elements on the screen. In some minor case, a few elements are still available (such as a Menu Button)
  • It means that actually nobody cannot get a technical selectors of elements on the screen.
  • SAP Business One has nothing in common with SAP WinGUI
  • SAP Business One has nothing in common with SAP API Scripting interface.

BUT SAP Business One can be easily automated with UiPath Computer Vision.

Good to know: SAP Business One has 2 User Interfaces.

  • Desktop Client installed on user machine - is possible to automate with all limitation above
  • Web UI – SAP Business One can be accessed over common Web browser, such as Google Chrome to perform Web-Automation, which could be also a solution in many cases

Plus let me add one more point to think about:

  • On the screen above you are showing the table in EDIT mode.
  • In most case it is not a good use case to extract the data in EDIT mode.
  • EDIT mode is to enter the data.

If you need to extract the data I would recommend to find the proper place to do it, such as Reporting functionality. And in most cases SAP has a native functionality to extract the data as local file or send per mail.

Best regards, Lev



Excellent explanation Lev, thank you very much for that.

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Dear sir,
is it possible to scrap data from SAP…??

yes, data scraping from SAP is possible.

How sir…
can you please explain it