Extract Data from SAP


In a SAP R3 automation project, I face the following issues:
a) Cannot extract the output of a transaction in a CSV format. I could only get data as Text via Screen Scraping. How could I copy this info in CSV w/o further processing?

b) in another form, when trying to click on the following button

the SAP logon page appears

This disturbs the flow, but haven’t found a workaround to overcome this. any ideas? what’s causing this?

Is there an option to download to PC?

Does this happen only when robot clicks the button?


  1. no option to download to PC

  2. yes, this happens when the robot runs


For the data extraction, I could save it locally as XLS –

Well, I have an experience with SAP that what they name XLS is in fact CSV…

right. BTW for the 1st issue: the button next to the field is displayed (visible) when you click on the input text.
I noticed that when the robot clicks on the input text, to clear any value, then the SAP logon screen pops-up…

any ideas when to set the focus back to the main window?

I did not experience such behavior so far. Sorry.

For SAP however I would recommend to use keyboard navigation where possible, i.e. minimize mouse clicks.


yes. I used “Send HotKey” and combination of ALT+x and worked fine