Select Data without data scrapping

Hi Everyone,
I have an SAP application which generate a excel sheet,
I want to extract the data into another excel but it is not generating full selectors and i am unable to extract the data
Any idea How can i achieve that ?

Just read the excel generated by your SAP application into datatable. Use For Each row of datatable and do the necessary modifications you want then write the final datatable into new excel file

How can i read the excel when it is not giving me the full selectors ?

You will not need selectors for reading the excel. Just use the UiPath read range activity.
Read here about Read Range Activity

the excel is on web it is not downloaded anywhere
I want to extract the data from a web excel into datatable
but data scrapping is not working on it, because it is not able to get the full selectors

Well, it’s not mentioned originally…
Is it possible to download it then?

if i was able to download why would i have created this post
there is no option to download it

Was just trying to help and checking the options/more details as I don’t have the details as you do.
Sorry cant help further…

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