Data Scraping SAP


I was trying to extract all information from the transaction ME1M but via Extract Table I can’t… So I was trying via Data Scraping, but it does not bring all the information I need.

On this part, I even tried to go through the document to see what I could have done differently, but couldn’t get (
Basically what I need is to extract the code below and all information, but when I scrap, it just extracts the header.



Is it a sap table?

If so generally you have an export option which exports data to excel did you check it?

If it is not present then you can go with getting each cell separately and add the data as you need…or get data at row level and extract each row and get it seprately and merge


Hi @Anil_G ,

Unfortunately or fortunately, I can extract via .txt. But I wanted to keep the data table only in UiPath, but my way out was to work with .TXT.

But if anyone knows how to keep via data table, it would be amazing.


You can extract the text and then read the data into UiPath and then convert to datatable as you need and delete the text file

Also if you need only in dtataable and if extract datatable is not possible then you need to go with extracting eqch cell and append as you need …mostly the cell items will have tablerow and col properties which can be used to extract each cell


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