Data Scrapping Not Working In SAP

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Please help me,
I got a situation here. I’m using Uipath Studio Pro 2020.4.2 now and the Uipath System packages installed is 20.4.0 version then my UiAutomation version is 20.4.1.
I already build a project from the past version then I have a Data Scrapping activities on SAP in the past version untill now. Then when I running the project that Data Scraping activites didn’t catch any data but in the past it works perfectly. Is that because the version upgrade ?

Then I tried to reuse the Data Scrapping again on SAP but error showed up like this
I did the same way to indicate just like before the version upgrade but I can’t indicated.
So now my Data Scrapping didn’t catch any data in range I selected.
Thank you for your respond

hi @Patrick_Ghozali

“but I can’t indicated” is a key message here. It looks like your SAP system settings has changed and SAP scripting is not anymore active.

Please verify the settings

Best regards, Lev

Hi @LevKushnir,

I already check the scripting box in SAP and the enable scripting check box still in checked condition. Should I uncheck then checked the box again ?

All need to be setup as I have described in the documentation above.

Please verify step by step

Yes I already follow the step using the alternative
“On the client side” and Data Scrapping still not working.

What about “server side”? can you give me a screenshot, what you are trying to Scrape?

Sorry for the late reply,
How can I find out about the server side ?
Here the screenshot. This is a custom T-code. Behind the white square is a table contains the coloumn that you can see in the picture.

Hi @Patrick_Ghozali, as i noticed in daily practice not all SAP tables can be read out by data scrapping. That is due to SAP server side settings. Try set them like following:
-sapgui/user_scripting_disable_recording = False

  • sapgui/user_scripting_set_readonly = False

Hi @schwarzp , I’m already checked this setting in my SAP and the settings are same as you quoted but still not working.

hmm ok, than i am out off ideas.

but when i see correctly from your screenshot there is an export button. Can you just export it as Excel file and read it via read range?

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HI @Patrick_Ghozali

The best option to extract the data from SAP Table is to use native SAP Export functionality. This works super fast, able to extract a huuuge amount of data in a seconds. The data can be export in any format you like

Best regards, Lev

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right approach!