Scraping text from an Input Field

Hi There,

I am currently scraping a single web page which has a form.
Most of the form is labels with a text value for each row.
The last row contains an input text field which displays data retrieved from the database.

My current scraping technique (UiPath.Core.Activities.ExtractData) is unable to pick up these values.
I have tried adjusting the Selector Property (css-selector) to multiple values but no luck.
Anyone have any expertise in this area?

In that case you could make use of “Scrape Relative” to extract last row Input text field.


Thanks ddpadil for the quick response!

I am able to get the text from the area now, my next challenge is appending that result to the current output option that my original solution provided.

At the moment, the ExtractData function lets me output directly to a DataTable which I then write directly to excel.
If i were to use this GetFullText function, how could i add this in my current implementation?
I believe the output structure for the GetFullText function is text string, I am unsure how to append this to the table structure as an additional row, so that i could see the response in my excel file.

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Here we go.
If column is already existed then you could follow up below else you can use Add data column activity.
Use add data row with arrow property as {} - ie you are adding a blank row.
Use assign add value to the specific cell in datatable:

“tablename”.Rows(“rownumber”).Item(“columnName/columnNumber”) = value

Please follow up this thread.