Extract information from web table

Hi All,

I am trying to get text from this web page (it is a date that I need). The text is as follows:

I am trying to take the date from “last booking column”. I would like to take the latest date but don’t know if that is too complicated. I also would like it to be dynamic regardless of the amount of rows.

For example, if there were 3 rows with 3 different dates I would like to extract the latest date.

Is this possible? I scraped the data but can’t even figure out how to extract a cell.

Thank you for your help!

Can you not just use the data scraping wizard, get a column which matches Last Booking.

The result will be x rows in a ExtractDataTable, and you could just get the final value from that DataTable, which would be the last cell in that column, no matter how many rows there are.


I’m not sure how to do that (in new with ui path) I tried using the data scraper just to return one cell into a variable and couldn’t figure it out. Could you please post the activities for what you’re describing?

Firstly, don’t try using the data scraper tool to get one variable. Just use it to choose the column, and the rows as per the wizard. Let it finish.

Now you’ll have an activity which scrapes the whole table, and puts that column (Last Booking) into an ExtractDataTable variable (click on variables during debugging to watch it be populated).

So now you have a bunch of values. You can create an assign activity, set a variable mySingleCell and assign to it the value ExtractDataTable(ExtractDataTable.Length-1) - that’ll return the last cell in the bunch of values stored there.

(Apologies, can’t provide screenshots right now but hopefully that was clear)


Thank you Mark - 2 questions:

  1. i can only get the data scraper to select the whole table - how can I just get 1 column?
    2)when I tried to assign that I got an error “‘Length’” is not a member of system.data.datatable’.

Do you know the reasons for this?

I think I was able to select just the rows but still cannot figure out how to get the ‘assign’ function to work. Do I need to put it in the same activity as the data scraping?