Data Scraping from Multiple web application input fields

Hello , I am new to uipath and need help with this following problem. I am trying to extract the data from multiple web input fields> please see the attach image. it’s somewhat similar to my current table (The actual table contains more than this). The only thing i can extract the data is by using gettext activity. Each Multiple field have the Header related to the input fields. As it’s not the tables, i m facing problem extracting data. Kindly provide the best way to manipulate the output data.

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you cant use data scraping method?

No because it’s not a table. data scraping will extract no data at all. which is why I am having problem. using gettext is the only options to extract all data from input fields. But it’s extracting all the data. I am trying to figure out what’s the best way to allocate each row in excel fields with correct positions.

have you tried it though? coz i can extra data from the websites such as lazada nonetheless though

I did try but nothing extract from it.

is that from a website or from your company application? because this one i might have to try for myself before i can give you a conclusive answer.

From the company application that’s why i can’t share the image of the input fields. it’s basically the same as my attached image but with all the data contains and multiple headers for each row. Thanks for the quick response. by using gettext it’s extracting every single data from the web pages including the Button data labels such as Next , Close , Sort Order etc. which is why i m having trouble allocating to correct positions into excel file

well, there is still a way

can you show me 2 distinct selectors of two of the input fields? hold on a minute


can you use 2 get text activity for these 2 input fields and then edit selector, screenshot the selector editor and then post the 2 screenshots here?

hi, Please see the attached image. i did it with excel but it’s on web application with input fields ( no table at all) each data for each input fields . I can only use one gettext as it’s inside one web page.Thanks


And here is my selector


we are not going to use data scraping, instead, can you show me the selectors for the 2 input fields i mentioned earlier in uiexplorer? do it for both red and black thanks.

open uiexplorer in ur uipath project and indicate element on the the input field, click on unselected items and then screenshot ur uiexplorer for me for both input fields so i can construct the necessary item to complete what you are asking.

ps. i dont need what you did in excel, just provide what i asked will do, thanks.

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Well @whitestar ,

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You can also explore the avenue of using find descendants (find children activity) and filter out which text box you need or all the text boxes and then append them to a datatable.

Do tell me if you want to pursue this, we can work it together :slight_smile:

Please see attached image. i erased some of the URL information. Thanks !

Thanks fore reply and information. but those are not text box . rather it’s all Input fields. i just tried to use find children but didn’t extract anything.

Can you tell me the application that you are using? Web based? Find children works in >net, Java ass well as web based, but if it is SAP I might not be very sure that it can extract everything.

Please get back :slight_smile:

can you provide 2 of those? i cant help you construct a viable selector with only selectors from one input box, i need both the selectors from the textboxes that the red arrow and black arrow are pointing at. thanks

Hi thanks for quick reponse

please see the attached dropbox files as i dont want to make the page hard to read.

it’s a web based application.


A simple web based application you can find all the nodes in them using find children and certain required nodes can be found using a web control filter - please look through the following to get an idea on how to use find children activity and leverage it to your requirement.

Do get back if you have queries :slight_smile:

Link - Search results for 'find children user:raghavendraprasad' - UiPath Community Forum