How to get values from a web form to excel

This is the web form.
How to get all values from the item number column from the front end to the excel?
Please help me out.
Thank you.

Hi @Paavani_Subramanya

Use Data scraping to achieve the above!

Get as Datatable and Use Write Range to write in excel!


Hi @Paavani_Subramanya

Please make use of Data Scraping in UiPath

Here are some examples:

Sample code: (224.9 KB)

Thank you.

Hi @Paavani_Subramanya ,

You can use data scrapping to achieve the target as explained by our fellow community members.

Probable issues that might come up is the website structure(HTML) is not a tabular format.
In such cases you can try below solution:-

  1. Click on the 1st item number(A0001) and get its selector. Lets say that the selector has an attribute that might increment as the row number increases. So that part of the selector can be made dynamic . Then we can feed the dynamic selector in get text activity and wrap the activity with Do-While loop.

  2. We can do a normal screen scrapping over the whole page. This will give us the complete data in a string variable.Pass the string to generate datatable activity as shown below. Now of course i am assuming that the text extracted through screen srapping is in the format show below. You have to work on changing the type of text extraction method to increase the chances of better text extraction.


@pravin_calvin @Jobin_Joy @Indrajit_Banerjee Thanks for the suggestion.
Data scrapping is not supported for this. There is an error "Circular Reference in value argument not supported.
@Indrajit_Banerjee Screen scrapping is not supported. No values are getting extracted to excel.

Here my main task is to compare the item number with the front end to the item number in the excel if both values are same then one set of activities will be executed otherwise close application. Can you please tell me how to compare the item number in the front end to the item number in excel? This is the excel shown below

Thank you.

Hi @Paavani_Subramanya

Since Data Scraping is not supporting. You can try the following.

1.Read the whole text from the application and create an array of string by splitting entire data with new line.
2.Build a DataTable with the structure you want
3.Loop through the array item
4.Apply some regex to identify each columns you want and add as new data row.
5. Once done with loop, do your comparision.

Thank you.