Scrape data categories page and product page and put it in a Excel

I m new to Uipath .I m trying to web scrape some informations about products on a website .I need to get text and image links from categories page and some from products page and put it into an Excel Sheet.
I can t figure out how do do it.
I made the command open browser -web scrapping-for each row -oand now i want for each product in a particular category to click the product get informations from there -go back -click the next product in the column and so on
If any body can give me an advice ?
Thank you

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When you go for Extract structured data from a website. You’ll see an option to extract links from links too, just select that and that will give you an additional columns with those links.

Then you can use for each loop and then concatenate the URL of website with the column values of URLs of that item

you can get product details by visiting them over by over using Navigate To activity.

You can share the project file if you have already built something and are stuck.


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You can check below video tutorial for your reference


Hope this may help you