New here - using trial version - looking for a good tutorial or step by step instructions

I am looking for a tool that will allow me to scrape static spreadsheet formatted data from a web browser and import it to Excel.
I have attached a screenshot of the data I am looking to extract.
As I have mentioned, it is static data and has no actionable features.
Can UiPath extract data like this and import to an Excel spreadsheet?
If so, can someone please point me to a suitable help topic or tutorial?


Try with Data Scraping activity and will give you output as dataTable and then use Write Range activity to write into Excel file.


Have a look on below topic which clearly explains how to scrap the data

Hi @rmontena.

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You can use the Data Scraping function of UiPath Studio.
You can find its documentation below:

Then once you scraped it already, you will be using Write Range activity inside an Excel Application Scope. See documentations below:

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Hi. Thanks for the reply. I opened UiPath Studio and clicked Process under New Project. Then Data Scraping. I clicked a cell in my table and did get prompted to extract the entire table. I replied yes. and the Preview Data looks nothing like my table. I have attached a screenshot of the preview data. Not sure what I am doing wrong or missing. If I click the Edit Data Definition button, this is all I see:
"<extract-table get_columns_name="1" get_empty_columns="1" />" And, once I click Finish, I see a graphical “flow chart” but I am not sure how to proceed after that to actually get the data formatted and exported to Excel.
I am limited to attaching only one file per post, so I have attached the Data Preview.

Hi @rmontena

Instead of extracting the entire table right away, try pointing to specific columns instead one by one.

It might be that the format of the table is not properly recognized which results in a messy output.