Extraction of info from web page into excel file


I’ve been struggling how to understand how things work in UiPath since i’m a real noobie when it comes to learning new software. So this is my task which is to extract info (Product Name, Price and Image) and update it into Excel file. The real challenge is i was told not to use data scrapping. I have to use ui automation tools instead. OCR for the image. Can anyone tell me the best way to go about doing this? I would really appreciate it.

Hi @alyka96,

You can use get text, get full text, get ocr text etc to scrape the data.

To be sure that you are scrapping the correct data use UIexplorer to find a stable selector.

Then you can use excel application scope and write range in it to save data in the excel.




Thank you for replying! It helps alot. However i have a few problems. The extracted data i gotten using the Get Full Text is in Generic Value and it seems i can’t pass it on to the excel application scope as they only able to read Data Table. So is there any way i can convert my extracted variables into Data table first? Oh, and how do i pass the output browser that contains my extracted variables into excel scope application?

I suppose you want to extract data from a website or web application and put the data into excel. If the data you’ve extracted isn’t a table, you can always use “write cell” activity. If you want to extract an entire table of data from a website, use ‘Data Scraping’

Once you do, you’ll have an extracted datatable which you can write onto an excel sheet using a “Write Range” activity inside an excel application scope.


Thanks for the help! I’ve been using Write Cell as my data is unstructured. So what i have now are variables to be filled in different columns. But they just filled only the first cell. how do i do that? I really sucked at this :confused:

If you have multiple variables (say strName=“Alyka”, intAge=22) and you want them to go as two different columns, then Alyka goes into A1 cell and the value 22 goes to B1 cell. Is that your requirement?

Also, are the number of these variables to be treated as columns contant? In other words, are you dealing with a limited number of columns/variables?

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i have to search in www.google.com like ceo of amazon ,flipcart ,myntra and after getting all these paste into excel like column A should be company name and column B should be ceo name.

can you send me the workflow

Hi, I was reading this useful conversation and I have this exact problem. How can I solve this? Thanks in advance :slight_smile: