How to data scrap from a product website on different product categories and different total pages

Hi Everyone,

First time here, I am looking for some help on UiPath REFramework.

I’m working on a workflow to navigate within a website to different product categories with different total numbers of pages to than data scrap Product names, prices and the number of reviews.

I tried assigning a variable with the category and a different variable with the page numbers.

Using a For each activity to go through the product range and I am having difficulty implementing the number of pages.

I am also having difficulty with implementing another loop to go through the data scraping after the For each activity.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.


Welcome to the community…ideally you can use next page button to get all the data irrespective of the number of pages…you need not explicitly loop on it…can you try that option please…after selecting the data it will prompt you to show the next button if data spans on multiple pages…

And yo loop through the data after extracted use a for each row in datatable activity and pass the extractedtable data and then inside use currentrow("ColumnName").ToString to get the required column value

Hope this helps