Scraping Product Category while capturing product data from an e-commerce website


I am trying to scrape data from an e-commerce website (say, Amazon) and am using data scraping tool to get product data (Name, price, maker etc). On top of that, for each product I also like to capture the product category (ex: Electronics, Laptops) from the top of the screen which would remain constant for a page but may change as the program loops through next pages.
Data scraping tool doesn’t let me capture the category as the pattern doesn’t change for the two consecutive selections. Help is much appreciated.

Before you start gathering the product data for each item on the page just create a variable for your product category, then, add it to your product data later.

That’s what I’d do. Hope that helps.

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Thanks for your reply @swridings I am new to Uipath. Can you please elaborate on the capturing to the variable part ? Do you mean I do that by screen scraping ? If so how do I keep the same browser session for screen scraping and data scraping. An example would be very helpful. Thanks a lot.

Can you post the current workflow that you are using? It will help me understand how best to help.