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It’s true we can’t schedule to run the robot using windows task scheduler?

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I think yes , We dont have UiRobot to set them in the bat file to run with windows task scheduler.


Hi @Sudharsan_Ka

But if we run manually the bat file, the robot is running. So this is not bat file problem, just the task schedule problem, am i right?
If we must use orchestrator? Is the orchestrator can be work using community edition?

Yes ,

ANd you can use orchestrator with community edition


When try using orchestrator i always got ‘there are no unattended runtimes configured on this machine’. Any idea?

assign unattended license to that robot machine


Checkout this


Hi @Handian_Sudianto,

Cross check you have set the right permissions on your Task in Windows Task Scheduler. The following thread has some pictures on how to use Task Scheduler. You can use your .bat file as an argument after pointing to powershell.exe

Note that the way of using UiRobot.exe has changed. We can no longer call a .xaml file directly. The project has to be packed and then it can be called like so in community edition. The Robot has to be connected to the orchestrator if not you will get this error message

New execute command

C:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Local\Programs\UiPath\Studio\UiRobot.exe  execute --file "C:\Users\%USER%\Documents\UiPath\_Nugets\YourProject.1.0.3.nupkg"  --input "{'in_InputDataFolder':'C:\\Users\\%USER%\\Documents\\UiPath\\InputData'}" --entry "Main.xaml"