How to run UiRobot by Windows Task Scheduler (my experiment)

*This post is my experiment
How to run UiRobot by Windows Task Scheduler—Joy.pdf (1.1 MB) How to run UiRobot by Windows Task Scheduler

  1. Run UiPath Robot that you want to run with Windows Task Scheduler, click [Debug File]

*This is UiRobot result

  1. Click “Publish”

  2. Define Package Name [Name], check [Robot Defaults] then Click [Publish] button

  3. This information is belong to published UiPath Robot that we will use in bat’s script (5.1)

  4. Open NotePad.exe and type these to NotePad
    “C:\Users<your username>\AppData\Local\UiPath<uipath version>\UiRobot.exe” -file “<Name>..nupkg”

  5. Location, 2. Name and 3. Version from UiRobot Info

“C:\Users\lukkana\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-20.2.0-beta0108\UiRobot.exe” -file “C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages\UiPathDemo.1.0.1.nupkg”

  1. Click [File] => [Save As] => [File Name] : UiPathDemo.bat (Any name), [File Type] : All Files (.) and
    [Encoding] : ANSI , => Click [Save]

  2. Now we have UiPathDemo.bat for using with Task Scheduler

  3. Open Task Scheduler.exe => Click [Create Task…]

  4. [Create Task] Tab [General] => set task name [Name] : UipathDemo (Any name)

  5. [Create Task] Tab [Action] => Click [New]

Click [Browse]

Select UiPathDemo.bat => Click [Open]

Click [OK]

Click [OK]

  1. Now we have already created Task Scheduler for running “UiPathDemo.bat” name “UipathDemo”

  2. Select UipathDemo => Click [Run]

  3. You’ve got it !


This is really interesting… :+1:

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Does it work in community edition? its not working in my community edition. i followed the same steps

I use community too

Hi, i was able to “run” the bat.file using community edition and windows task scheduler but the workflow in UiPath did not execute. Could anyone advise me further?

Can you run on UiPath Studio?
If you can , then publish and copy new package paste to bat file
and re-run windows task schedule again

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Hi, it is still not working. The bat is being invoked but the task in task scheduler is running but UiPath package did not execute. Is setting a reminder via UiPath.Agent (previously called UiPath Robot) an alternative? Thanks

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Hi. I have the same issue. Any solution?

You must use UiRobot only


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Thank you , it works.

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Hello Jeevabalan,
I do this Task Scheduler in this movie from exact time from the link:

Cristian Negulescu


Remember to mark the solution so that others can find it more easily

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Thank you for your mention :blush:

When robot works complete, the cmd will be gone.

Maybe there is any error in process.
You can write log message in exception block or see the execution log.

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Also, if the robot starts without a user session from schedule, user interface is not rendered. So, Ui activities would not work)

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HI Joy thankyou for taking out time. Can you please help me what do you mean by UI Robot ?

Can i use this on StudioX Community?

Hi, I followed your steps, it works somehow, however, the logs on the UiPath is not showing on UiPath execution logs?, how is that?