Running Robot from BAT File

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Can anyone please help me here ? I want to run one robot from bat file actually I want to schedule it in one local system for continuous run through windows scheduler , I have created below BAT file but nothing is happening after running this

start “” /min “C:\Users\rohto\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-19.10.2\UiRobot.exe -file”/ “C:\Users\rohto\Documents\UiPath\GC_DataFromCRM\Main.xaml"Input”{‘StartedByTaskScheduler’:true}"

Please help !


Are you using Community or Enterprise Edition of UiPath studio ?

If you are using Community Edition then upgrade to latest version to schedule Attended BOTS. No need of any Windows scheduler and all. Could you please check below thread to know more about this.

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Thanks for sharing this information, Need some more info on what about in case of unattended bot, where user is not present to give permission to run the scheduled bot?

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It is for Attended BOT but not for Unattended BOTS.

Many users suggested the same and may be in next release they will make this option as optional.

Windows scheduler is not supported as of now buddy
That’s why it’s not happening
If we want to schedule we need to go for Orchestrator with schedule option under Triggers

Cheers @rohit0510

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