Regarding Windows task scheduler

while connecting through Windows task scheduler-the robot asking for licence…Either we can use Community version to run a task.but it asking for license after connecting with windows scheduler .

Appreciate your support in advance.

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Sakthiraja R

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Windows task scheduling is no more supporting from UiPath.

without UIPATH Studio we can run …
I have installed a robot to run the windows task scheduler…

Yes without Studio it will run either with robot tray or from orchestrator.

I have installed a robot try to run the windows task scheduler without using [orchestrator].
.nupkg file need to run with robot.exe using windows task scheduler…but am facing error for license required.

Hi @Sakthiraja_Ravichand
Welcome to uipath community,
Download and install new version of community edition
Your will recive our new agent desktop robot tray instead of general robot

So it will allow you to schedule your process easy and you dont need windows task shedding any more :sunglasses:

Actually am trying to connect like a attended bot from one machine to another machine…using windows task scheduler without using [[orchestrator].so in that machine without studio i can run .nupkg file which was generated using Windows task scheduler.
i need to access that without installation of community version only with robot tray using windows task scheduler…either this can be done r possible ways to connect…

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Hi @Sakthiraja_Ravichand
You cant try agent desktop, it dosent need orchestrator connect to run scheduler process