Saving Video Recording evidences of Test Execution - Headless Mode


I’m trying to implement a test automation project in web applications (using Chrome).

I can run my tests sucessfully in headless mode, but I need to save a video of the execution of the test, but I don’t know how?

I’m using RecordDesktopVideoScope activity, but it in headless mode it just record my screen, (and not the execution of the test).

In Orchestrator I configure Job Recording with video Type but, I never see the video in logs of the execution:

Can you help me, please?

Best Regards

Is there a possibility to run it normally instead of headless? As with headless, you won’t have the browser visible and therefore nothing to record on video.

I coul’d execute normally, the main goal of headless mode is to save resources of machine and allow to work at the same time in that machine if I need.

Other tools allow, to do that and I wan’t to understand if there’s this possibility to do in UiPath, or if I’m doing something wrong.

Thanks in advance.

How would you do that in other tools?

I don’t how that works, but for example in Cypress I just need to configure a variable in a config file.

In UiPath it’s called running it in the background, but background processes cannot do UI Automation.


  1. Recording on available in jobs…extended menu or job execution menu…
  2. The job recording in orchestrator will svae only last 3 minutes by default

Did you properly check if it is recording


I don’t think headless chrome recording can be done unless you prepare your own recording function.
How to do video recording on headless chrome | by Anchen | Medium