How do I Test my automation once I have generated output to a headless Chrome browser?

Good morning UiPath Forum,

I am following up on my earlier post
What scenarios are benefited by using a Headless Browser?.

@Palaniyappan you were super helpful in your response.

I have followed through configuring my Studio PC with the Chrome extension and installing the Chromedriver. I have built a few small automations that successfully run to the headless browser. Google has a lot of developer resources to explain how to start Chrome headless from a command prompt and to interact with it from a command prompt once it is started from there. In this, Studio has opened the headless browser. I would like to introduce more complex steps and outcomes to the headless browser instance but I would like to be able to proof the results of my automation by seeing the headless browser content/outcomes. Would that involve jumping over to the command line (basic developer guidance from Google below) or are there steps inside UiPath Studio?