Save to file path with send hotkey *stuck*

This is one of the most ridiculously annoying problems i faced in UiPath.

Im trying the most simple thing on earth that is to type the file path i want the file saved to (downloaded from ACME) and using a hotkey (enter) to ‘go to’ the file path and save the file there.

Steps for my process:

  1. download the file

  2. click on ‘save as’

  3. enter the file path variable i created in the text-box like this:

  4. after the path is typed -> send hotkey ‘enter’ to navigate to the file path

  5. change the file name

  6. finally save

The problem lies within the ‘send hotkey’ --> instead of pressing enter when the file path is typed, its pressing enter on the ‘save’ button.

Any alternatives?
Thank you.

Hi Ibra,

What I understand from your statement is that you want to save the file at one particular location.

What you can do is, instead of using hot keys. Use “TypeInto” Activity at “File name” field with complete path(including file name) and click on save. That would work

Eg: C\Users"Username"\Data\Report_2017.csv

Hope this helps.


Instead of navigating to that folder, send hotkey for “Enter”, you can simply append the folder path where you want to save to the file name(which you want to give).
FolderPath: “D:\Data\Temp”
FileName: “Report_RO12345-2017.csv”

Then, add a Typein activity and select the text edit (shown in below image marked in blue color) and assign text to be entered as complete file name like “D:\Data\TempReport_RO12345-2017.csv”.

Oh ok, i didnt know that you could parse the filepath along with the filename in the “File Name:” property!
Thats nice.

Thank you both!