Specify a folder path in "save pdf file as"

Hi, I am trying to specify a FOLDER PATH in “save pdf file as” but unable to do so. Please help here with an alternate to specify a path.
I created 2 activities- click and type into. Unfortunately, the bot clicks bottom left even though I chose (element> mouse> bottom right )
Also, I am unable to upload the bot created due to new user limitation. Please inform an alternate to share it so that you could guide better on the issue.

Hi @igul,
For the above issue i suggest not to use mouse click events. First you hard code the folder path including "" in a variable. When the popup for Save as appears, by default the cursor goes to the textbox where we write the file name. We can do there type into (Just improve the selector you are using, if you want to use click and type into that textbox. It will be fine) otherwise we can write directly without using selector in type into activity the variable name+file name and send Enter command using shortcut keys.
Example: filePath+fileName then Enter(Hotkey).

I could not avoid the click. Is there any way I could share the attachment of the written activity? It would help you debug better. I am not able to send attachments in the forum due to new user restrictions by this website (though I am not new to this forum).
Basically, I am trying to print the page in adobe pdf. After selecting print, tab option redirects the mouse to file name directly instead of FILE PATH in my case. So, hot keys might not work.

You can pass the folder name and file name directly instead of only file name. It will save it in that directory. Ex: D:\user\test.Pdf instead of only test.pdf. Try this and let me know.


Thanks a bunch. It worked perfectly.

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