Save AS - Change destination folder

Hi I am trying to save an excel sheet from downloading it from a we page, now I specifically want it to be saved in a specific folder so when I use the type into activity and indicate where the to put in the new path, the bot somehow cant get the window to be editable in order to type in the new path. PLEASE HELP

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What error are you getting ? Is BOT able to type password or not ?

Buddy @ntebeleza

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Kindly enable the simulate type property, clickbeforetyping property and emptythefield property in the type into activity buddy
That would work
Kindly try and let buddy whether this works or not
Cheers @ntebeleza

did that work buddy @ntebeleza

Hi it is not working, I also cannot find simulate click I have simulate type property.

There is no password set for this

yah thats what buddy simulate type
my bad typo mistake,
kindly enable that and other properties like clickbeforetyping, emptyfield as well buddy
that would work
Cheers @ntebeleza

Even if I enable simulate type, it does not seem to work.

I created a recording of me just opening windows explorer and typing in a path and clicking go and it works but if I do the same thing for a save as example where I type in a new path into the save as window it doesn’t work.

Do you maybe have an example of a solution you implemented for this?

Fine buddy @ntebeleza
If possible can i have your xaml for a view, that would help us resolve this …buddy
your xaml file, project.json file alltogether in a zipped folder
Cheers @ntebeleza (93.1 KB)

Change the selector of the type into activity with title attribute like this buddy
title = ‘*’
with wildcard *
that would work buddy @ntebeleza


did that work buddy @ntebeleza

Giving wild card would save the file into default path where project exist…but not into specified location.