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Is it possible to do the following? I want to get my bot to save a pdf that I am downloading to a specific location but I also want to keep the name it suggests saving it as (because its unique and I am downloading a lot of PDF’s). After I get the bot to select ‘Save As’ I am using a Type Into activity to save the PDF to the correct location but I am losing the name (see screen shot below). Anyway I can save it to the right folder without losing the name?


you can use send hotkey (Home) before type into to append the folder before the file name.



You can use the “Get Full text” activity to select the file name from the “File name:” in the dialog and add it to the folderpath.

Then use the Type Into activity (Empty Field) option selected and give in the full path.

Hope this helps.

Hi @bcorrea - can you explain further? Like below?


Do I need to indicate the pop up ‘Save’ pop up box? Also how does ‘Home’ know what folder I need?

need to indicate the same field you do for typing the filename. Home will make the cursor to go to the start of the field and also will keep the filename as default, the you will use type into giving only the folder you want with an \ at the end.

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Thank you @bcorrea! That worked!

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