How to save file/s to a specific directory?


I have this task where I need to save file/s to a specific folder. Unfortunately, the path where I need to save the file/s sometimes changes and the bot would return an error because of it. Can someone help me direct the bot save the file/s I want to that specific folder? Sample screenshots below.

Path where I need to save the file/s:

But it sometimes changes to this:

@caduque You’ll have to use the Complete Path as the File Name

Is there a way on how can I achieve that? I have this create directory activity before this saving, but the path will sometimes change

@caduque You mean to say that the destination is Dynamic? Or is it that the Path changes by itself and that is the error?

This can be achieved only when the destination path is known always .

If possible maintain destination path in config and process it as per the value.

On what criteria , the destination path changes ? any idea?

The path is known always. It’s inside my create directory activity.

Here’s what happened:

  • I manually saved a file in the directory I gave (2nd picture above)
  • I ran the bot and it should save the file in the 1st photo but it didn’t (bot opens the window like in 2nd photo)

My guess is the bot opens the previous window I open (which is the 2nd one).

What I want is to always save the file on the path I gave on my create directory activity

@caduque Yes you are right , The last Place where you Save the file will be the Default Folder. So you need to use the Full File Path to Save the File, Something like,
Destination Path+""+FileName

If we know the directory or the folder path where we want to save the file then while saving and once after that save as window appears use TYPE INTO activity and pass input with the same folder path that we have mentioned in the create directory and along with the file name we want like this

Cheers @caduque

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Hi @Palaniyappan and @supermanPunch,

I did the Type Into below but it still saves on the wrong folder :frowning:

Note that variable ReportSavedPath is "G:\RPA\TalentLMS"


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The input should be mentioned like this

And Make sure that the simulate type is enabled
And also the type into is entering the string in that save as window
Cheers @caduque

It’s not working still :frowning:

@caduque Is it typing the Folder path in the input area? :sweat_smile:

Yeah. I thought that’s gonna work :sweat_smile:

@caduque Then what happened after it typed the Folder Path in the Input area, Did an Error Arise or did it Directly save it another folder?

Hi @supermanPunch,

It will type the directory where I want to save the file but still saves the file to the current directory

Here’s a screenshot

But the file will still be saved in here

@caduque Ok, Can you use a Message Box Activity Before Type Into and Display in Message Box the value of Type Into, and Send the Screenshot of the Message Box Output

Here’s the screenshot of the value.


@caduque Can you show me How have you assigned ReportSavedPath variable in workflow ?
Also I don’t think you need an Enter Key in Type Into , Remove that

It’s in my screenshot above.

ReportSavedPath = "G:\RPA\HREmergencyRos"