Save outlook mail as .msg file



Dear Sirs, I need to save outlook mail as a .msg file , for it may have image in that email.

I tried to save it as a .eml file but can not read the image inside the email.

Is there any way?



Try with this workflow to save outlook mails as .msg format.

OutlookMailReader.xaml (6.8 KB)

and refer this post for the difference between .msg and .eml before make decision to save it as .msg

MailMessage - Save Attachments

Hi sarahi , sure I can save file name as mailbody.msg , but the problem is that the mailbody.msg file can not be opened normally. Maybe the mailitem type can not be saved as .msg file in the first place . So I am wondering if there’s another way to get and save the outlook mail which can be read with pictures.