Save a email, send it like attached file, and the receiver cannot open it

Hi, the issue is a little particular maybe, but the idea goes like this. I save an email, then i send it to me as an attached file, when i try to open it the error of the image pops up. This is when i save it with .msg extension, which is the outlook extension that i want to have and open and see it nice. I tried saving it with .eml extension but when i open it i see it like plain text which is horrible and untidy. I look up all configurations of outlook in order to enable the previewer but its all ok and i still cannot see it. And when i save an email by myself (with .msg extension) and send it i can see it correctly. So it seems to be an error in the save activity with uipath. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Hello Alejito,

Use the Save Mail Message activity to save the email and then set it to the “.eml” because that’s the file format according to this post.

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May I know what activities you are using and what is the procedure been carried out, buddy
—because as @dmccammond said saving outlook mail with save mail message activity with file extension as .eml would work for sure
—and even to check that use START PROCESS activity and pass the .eml file path as input

That would open the mail as a popped out window
Cheers @alejito1