Save Outlook Mail Message as .msg Format

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I’m trying to save Outlook Mail message in Uipath using that version (2017.1v). Using Save Mail Message activity that save the mail as .msg. The mail is properly saved at that location but when I’m trying to open it, I get an error message as you can see.

Somebody said that save mail as .eml format. It works properly like that but i need to save mail as .msg format. Do you know that Uipath doesnt support the .msg format ?

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This component can be useful:

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is that available for the version of 2017.1 Uipath ??

Yes. After saving the mail message in .eml format. Give the saved mail as the input and .msg mail format as output.

I got this error. I did exactly same thing. :confused:


Is it similar to this workflow attached?

Outlook.xaml (4.7 KB)

I think my Uipath version(2017.1v) is not suitable for this conversion

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see Save outlook mail as .msg file - #8 by mwerner for a solution.
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