Save As window - specified File Path & File Name

Hi All,

I’m having challenge saving outlook message to .msg file.

Current situation, I have the .eml file that UiPath activity save outlook message output has. So what I’m doing is save this message to .msg extension since this is what I need.

Now, what I’m doing is open the .eml file and save it as .msg, but the problem is when I have the Type into activity to put the filepath & filename in the input box in save as window, when the SimulateType is checked it saves as default with it filename and the path is in MyDocuments, when I unchecked the SimulateType sometimes there’s a key that the bot didn’t press for example. instead of “C:\Users\salvadorjaycee\Desktop\MyEmail.msg” it types “C:\Users\salvadorjaycee\Desktop\MyE” so it gives me an error. I also tried to put it in clipboard and try the send hotkey “Ctrl + v” but still sometimes it didn’t work.

Do you have any idea how to work with this?
Thanks in advance.


How are you opening the .eml file?

StartProcess activity

I tried to reproduce your error but without success.

It worked fine to me.

Here’s the example: Convert_EML2Msg.xaml (12.3 KB)

Hope It Helps :slight_smile:


Yeah we have the same script construction.

But the problem is sometimes it works and sometimes not.

If there’s other approach to save the filepath & filename with SimulateType is checked that would be a big help.

Or just gives us an option to save the outlook email in msg format :slight_smile:

Is it possible to share the workflow?

Here is the copy of existing workflow: SaveAsMSG.xaml (20.5 KB)

Worked like a charm for me.

I removed the “Click Before Typing” and “Empty Field” on Type Into Activity.

Try to run and see if works

SaveAsMSG_New.xaml (20.4 KB)

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No luck, it save on my Documents with it’s default title instead on Desktop with modified filename :frowning:

Are you passing the value through hardcore or through an argument? Are you sure that the path is correct? Have you tried to put some delay between the keys?

I’m passing value through arguments, yes the path is correct actually what I only want is to save it as .msg, same path and same filename.

I also tried to put delay between the keys. At first its working properly but sometimes it’s not. That’s why I’m hoping that there’s a way to save the filepath and filename while SimulateType is checked. But it appears it only save on Documents with default filename.

Actually its also my problem in Automation Anywhere. That’s why I’m asking anyone if they have any automation approach is Save As window.


I built a Custom Activity to do this.

Have a try: ConvertEML2Msg.Activities.1.0.1.nupkg (257.3 KB)

PS* You must pass the .EML path like C# mode (Example: “C:\Users\Lucas\MyEmail.eml”)

Let me know if works for you.


Many thanks @Lucas.Pimenta it works.

Actually I’m also looking for a VB.Net code for this one, but all I’m seeing is there’s a 3rd party that I need to purchase to convert the message to .msg.

Anyway thank you again. I you don’t mind can you send me a personal message I’m just curious on the C# code for the custom activity.

Done :slight_smile: