MailMessage - Save Attachments

Hi All,

i reading the email from exchange server and use the “Save Attachment” activity to save all the attachment into my shared folder.

all the attachment with different file type (.doc, .xlsx, .pdf …) are working fine and able to save except the outlook email attachment (.msg)

does anyone know how do i include/download the attachment with filetype is .msg into my shared drive as well ?


Hi @goh6613,

Take a look the below



hi Bala,

Thanks for your reply but this is not what i looking for.

What i means is to download the attachments (which type is .msg) in the email the robot read.

i am using “Save Attachment” activity, it able to save all other file format except for .msg



Please help me for saving the attachment from the mail. I am using Save attachments activity. But i am facing issues while running. Please send your code for reference.