Not able to open saved mail (.msg or .oft) after using Save Mail activity

Hi All,

I am not able to open the saved mail which is in .msg or .oft format from the Shared mailbox using Save Mail activity.
Error- We can’t open ‘C:\Users\UiPath\Closure\mail.msg’.It’s possible the file is already open, or you don’t have permission to open it.

There is no other instance open of the same mail.
To check the permission, right-click the file folder, then click Properties.
When I am using my mailbox then process ran smoothly.

Any help with this?


Hi Anmol,

I found this thread after a quick search: Save outlook mail as .msg file

I haven’t tried it myself, but I hope this helps :wink:

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@lukasziebold - It is not working.

Alright, try these: :smile:

I’ve found that the Save Mail activity saves the message to .EML format rather than the proprietary Outlook .MSG format.

If you change the file extension to .EML it should work.

If you need to convert it to .MSG format as if you’ve dragged it from Outlook to a folder, you can use MsgKit.

To do this:

  1. Add the MsgKit Nuget Package to your solution.
  2. In an Invoke Code activity it is as simple as:
    MsgKit.Converter.ConvertEmlToMsg(Your_Saved_EML_File_Path, New_MSG_File_Path)
  3. You can at this point delete the .EML file and you should be good to open the .MSG file.

Having a similar issue and I want to try this. However, couldn’t find the MsgKit package that you mentioned - where can I find that?

This worked a treat. Thanks!