Save Attachments from Shared Outlook MailBox

Hi All,
I need help in saving attachments from Outlook Mailbox.
I have prepared an Activity and it works very well with my personal outlook Mail address. But it is not working with Shared Outlook MailBox.
Can anybody please help me with this. I’m new to UIPath.

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Please help buddy

No worries buddy @anshul_agrawal
Buddy do you have the Send As or Full Access permissions to the mailbox for that mail box

If you have the acces try to mention the mail id of your shard mailbox in the account property in get outlook mail activity itself and try buddy @anshul_agrawal
or to be even better
If you have you can use get imap mail acitivity with all the credential details like mail, username, password, and you can get the mail from there buddy @anshul_agrawal

Cheers @anshul_agrawal

look into ‘Get Outlook Mail Messages’ activity properties, you have an option called Account, add the shared mailbox email id. You should at least have read only access to the shared mailbox.

Were you able to identify it buddy @anshul_agrawal

No, buddy @Palaniyappan
Actually, I’m using my Organization outlook account for downloading attachments. It’s an O365 Outlook Account.
I’m able to download attachments from my Email Address but not able to from Shared MailBox.
Also shared Mailbox in my organization have no username or password. It just attached to your Individual Mail Address so I cannot use IMAP also.
Is there any other way to resolve this issue.

@vikas_reddy_Vicky I have asked my Internal Team and I have all the accesses to use Shared Mailbox.

I got the error. I was using shared mailbox Email Address but in case of the shared mailbox, we just have to use its Name in the Account Parameter.
Got Help from this post.

Thanks to all buddies for help @Palaniyappan @vikas_reddy_Vicky :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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This would help you buddy for sure
as the standard version