Outlook Shared Mail Problem

Hi all,
I am facing a problem that I cannot solve.

I want to get mails from a shared mail folder Inbox, however, when I provide the shared email as Account and Inbox as MainFolder I get this error:
Get Outlook Mail Messages: The specified folder does not exist

May anyone suggest something? :slight_smile:

Hi @zhasmina.dimitrova

Open properties of Get outlook mail message activity, then give the shared mail id in the Account option.

Give the folder name which is in the Shared mail in Mail Folder option.

Create the another folder in shared folder and try with that.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @zhasmina.dimitrova

Give mail folder in the format:



  1. Add the Get Outlook Mail Messages activity to your workflow.
  2. In the Properties panel of the Get Outlook Mail Messages activity:
  • Set the Account property to the email address of the shared mailbox.
  • Set the MailFolder property to “Inbox”. Do not include the shared mailbox email address in the MailFolder property.
    By configuring the Get Outlook Mail Messages activity in this way, UiPath will retrieve emails from the shared mailbox’s Inbox folder successfully.

Thank you for the answers. I tried both ways - does not work with any of them, still same mistake.

I really cannot find what the mistake might be…

I managed to find the solution if anyone is facing the same problem.

Account field for the shared email must be written in Studio as it is visibly written in Outlook :slight_smile:
E.g. Shared mail name: Shared Mail Folder
it should be written in exact same way: “Shared Mail Folder”

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