Get Outlook Mail Messages - Shared Inbox

I am having an issue with an activity retrieving mail messages from a shared mailbox. This activity was working properly in production and recently began giving us trouble after many previous successful runs. Has there perhaps been a change to recent versions of Outlook which impact this activity?

For clarity, we have both the Account (shared mailbox name as a string) and MailFolder (“Inbox”) fed to the process via a config file.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi @cknight5, I’ve run into a similar issue that actually turned out to be a change in our network which in turn caused problems with UiPath. It’s not exactly the same but does it generate any errors? If UiPath doesn’t give any errors, maybe the Windows event viewer shows something. I would also try to update the bot to point to my own mailbox just for testing purposes and see if there’s any change versus a shared mailbox.

Lincoln, thanks for the response. In your situation, was there a change you were able to make in Studio to regain access to get messages from a shared mailbox?

Morning @cknight5 , Thinking back, I believe I removed the shared mailbox, restarted outlook, and re-added the mailbox and it started working again.

Hi, let us know if you managed to solve this.

Unfortunately I have not. I tried what @Lincoln had suggested and removed and re-added the mailbox to Outlook, but the process still was unable to access the mailbox.

If you leave Outlook open when you run this, please try closing it before testing again.

Also if you cant solve, please try this: