SAP Selector with Different Property than ID


I want to use a different selector as ID to identify an UI element on an SAP screen. E.g. the text in combination with the type.

<sap type='GuiLabel' text='Fallart' />

I tried a lot of comibnations, but only ID works successfully. Is it possible to identify an UI element on an SAP screen with another selector as ID?

Thanks for tips and hints.

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Did you try to use image relative → where you find anchor and click the field.
Then you do not need in selector ID

Using activity Click or ClickText there will be always ID in selector

Hey did you get a solution for this !


I’m searching for an solution too, any new ideas how to solve this problem?

Example: In SAP some tables are implemented with elements of type “Label”, they are identified with ‘usr/lbl[x,y]’ (x=column, y=row). If you need an selector to identify a label with a given text, there is no way except to iterate over all of them and check the properties one by one. That’s a very ugly solution.

give a try on changing the uiautomation framework during the selector definition/retrieval process. For this type f4 during the indicate item and check which framework is used.

I tried it again a few seconds ago, the Default is the only one that detects the single labels (cells) of the table, the other frameworks detect the whole table and not single cells.
It’s not a question of the uiautomation framework i think, it’s more about the supported properties that can be used in selectors.

ok thanks for feedback maybe @LevKushnir can help. In cases of any datascrapping was not possible we worked with find children / dynamic index a retrieval and evaluation to get the particular element. But for sure any more direct approach is prefered.

HI all,

Since 2020.4 we are using certified SAP solution for automating SAP WinGUI. We are able to automate all elements inside SAP WinGUI

IDs are the most reliable and stable way of automating SAP WinGUI.

See more here: SAP Automation - what’s new in UiPath Studio 20.4

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