Sapid is getting changed for different systems

I have added type into activity and identified an element in the screen (SAP UI)

It is executing successfully in my system but when i share this file and if it is executed in any other system then it is failing as sapid for that particular field is different for other system. So i need to capture again in that system.
Please help me in resolving this.


Hi @revathineelima

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Could you show us how both selectors look like, on both systems?

Typically to solve such issue you simply want to use such elements of the selectors that do not change.

Hi @loginerror,

Thanks for the reply.
Below are the sample selectors in both the systems for the same activity

I have tried giving * but it is not highlighting the appropriate field.


Hi @revathineelima

Please check, that in both systems you have this settings done

based on the selectors above it looks like in one system Modal is activated, and in other system is not activated

Best regards, Lev

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