SAP: In Sap How to add aaname/text/aastate tag from Property explorer in Element selectors

HI @LevKushnir, Could you please help me, I am facig an issue and tried many ways to find solution. The Selectors for any element in my SAP app only contain value < sap id= “value”> apart from window selectors , I want to add “text” field highlighted in yellow in below screenshot in the selector text filed.

I tried doing it but UiExplorer is not validating it.

Hey @NIVED_NAMBIAR , Could you please help me if you know the solution.

HI @shalu.mittal

The solution is easy :slight_smile: Please upgrade to UiAutomation packages 21.2 or higher

With this version we have introduced support for additional identification elements such as

text, tooltip , type

In case they are not empty, they are available for the selection.

See my screenshot.

The colours of my SAP WinGUI are a bit different, as I am using the latest SAP WinGUI 7.70

Best regards, Lev

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@LevKushnir , Thankyou :slight_smile:

The highest package i could see in my Enterprise Studio is 20.2-preview, Is there any higher version i can upgrade to? If yes, how to do that. ( I have checked on Official and Go also)

Also, My SAP version is SAP GUI Logon 760

21.2-preview is the right one.

All SAP WinGUI 7.40 / 7.50 / 7.60 / 7.70 are supported - no worries

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ok Thanks Lev :slight_smile: , I wanted to know when can i use "type=‘GuiLabel’ ".
Any documentation regarding upgraded version?

This is just a type of control. For checkbox you have this:

All about different objects, can be found here:


HI @LevKushnir , I just realized, in my organization we cannot use Preview version. So i wont be able to use "21.2-preview ". Is there any other package version that i can use for the same?

HI @shalu.mittal

The features of 21.2-preview are going to be a part of April Release - 21.4 version, which is about to be released in upcoming weeks.

Best regards, Lev

Ok Thank you

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