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Hi guys,

I am working on sap gui automation. I want to take case id from excel and need to add it in sap page and then change the date related to caseid and do it for all the give case id in the excel file

Its working fine for 1st iteration of the for loop. But when 1st iteration done then for second iteration the robot is unable to find the element on the screen . It shows error no ui element find related to given selector.
Please help me in this.



Can you Please share the screenshot of selector error.


hi please check the selector

hi @dilsher_khan

have you enabled the GUI Scripting in SAP. And if yes, then use the anchor activity or give the anchor to the target selector. Hope it will works.

To enabled the GUI Scripting in SAP please refer
Enabling SAP GUI Scripting

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Achal Sharma

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Hi Thanks for help, its working fine.
But some element in tool bar are not identified separately, it only identify the full tool baar, And all the button on tool baar like Save button, Edit button have save selector showing.So what to do in this case.

Hi @dilsher_khan

You can use Computer Vision or click image or click text activity to click or identify the selector.

Achal Sharma

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