SAP Automation - what’s new in UiPath Studio 20.4

SAP Community,

I am more than happy to announce our latest offering for SAP automation world, which we have delivered with UiPath Community 20.4 Stable Release

What’s new in UiPath 20.4 for SAP RPA and SAP Test Automation:

The information above is dedicated to RPA Developers and Test Automation Specialists interested in automating SAP Business Processes within SAP production environments as well as SAP test environments.


This is awesome :grin:


Dear Lev,

I am working on an Oracle automation, do you have any user guide or video from where I can take help.


Are these features included in UiPath Studio 2019.10 Enterprise Edition?
Do we need to install an additional package?

HI @jhernandez09

You can use Studio 19.10 and install the UIAutomation package 20.4, then you will get all features.

Best regards, Lev



For Oracle topic, I would start here

Best regards, Lev

This adds a valuable features to SAP Automation and makes the bot to execute seamlessly.
UIPath is growing beyond thinking.This is awesome.


is there sap dump available which can be downloaded and I can practice on the same ?

HI Varun,

The access to your own SAP system is a prerequisite.

Either you can use any of SAP system available for you or you can get one from here

Best regards, Lev

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Would it be possible to output a variable from type window if the login is successful?
That would ensure that we can safely work with multiple instances opened.

@LevKushnir Thanks for sharing the required information. Let me try if this works.

I dont have any past background on SAP and neither have the SAP installation on my local system since I am a freelancer . Any other suggestions willl be greatly appreciated.



Thanks for the idea. I have just added to my backlog.


Nice and new features were introduced…

“Read Status Bar” activity is a game changer. Loving this.


Hi Community,

As we all know SAP has the indirect access licencing protocol . if we use the automation over SAP, can SAP Strike on us for those the automation ?

Thanks & Regards,

Gopal Pal



There are thousands of customers using UiPath for SAP automation. There are no issue with licencing.
The best way is to clarify your open questions is to contact your SAP representative.

Best regards, Lev


Great :innocent: :innocent: