SAP selector screen after transaction

Hi Gurus,
As you all know SAP will remember the last visited document number in its transaction. When my robot enters the transaction in SAP eg IW52, SAP captures the last processed document number and thereby the robot fails to recognise the screen. Although my next step is to clear the field, but the Robot stops before that.
Anyone has faced the similar issue and can help me on what activity should I use ?

when you see the screen, the document number is already existing


My Robot screen element is without any document number and therefore it is stopping here.

Please help or comment.

HI @saphanagopal

Type Into activity offers you a possibility to empty field before entering the data.

EmptyField - When this check box is selected, all previously-existing content in the UI element is erased before writing your text

Best regards, Lev

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Check your selectors and make sure that any selctor that refers to Notification number is changed with * so that it will still recognize the screen whether you have the last notification number or not

Thank you…* in the selector has resolved the issue.

I have to now figure out how I can work on different SAP GUI with the same XAML file. By changing the GUI, the screen persona also changes, I am testing it now.

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