Get Transaction Data (Assignment 2)



I’m working on Assignment 2, and stuck at Get Transaction State. I’m getting below error although the selector is found in the web page.

Error getting transaction data for Transaction Number: 1. Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: at Source: Element Exist

Anyone could help on this please.



Can you share a specific screenshot for this error, your selector looks okay. The “Element Exists” activity is not working properly


I’m learing uipath too, so you can add my QQ or email with me?tks


Hi prankurjoshi,

The element exists activity is working but the issue is at the IF activity the transaction is getting to the Else box even the selector is found. But if i change the default value for transaction number from 1 to 2 it’s working.


Element Exists for page number is not working properly, Print the boolean value in a message box just above the if condition and see the result


if you assign the variable into selector directly it wont work(in_TransactionNumber value does not pass)

So first Assign A="<webctrl aaname=’"+in_TransactionNumber.ToString+"'tag='Li" class=‘page-numbers’/>

Then pass A to the Selector field



Can anyone help me on this.

The robot is not reading the 2nd page. It is only reading the 1st page and ending the transaction.


Hey @Dhaarshini,
you can remove the onElementAppear activity from there…There isn’t any need for it although its there in the walkthrough.
Removing it will solve the issue.Just place the data scraping window without the onElementAppear.

Alternatively, you’ll have to play with the UiExplorer and check the selector for onElementAppear!