SAP automation failing in Production system

In development system, the SAP automation works perfectly fine.
Selector example which is failing in Production system:
sap id=‘usr/ctxtRC29N-MATNR’

We are attaching the transaction screen which executes correctly but Type into activity fails.

There are no varying selector parameters and we are also using Simulate Type and Empty Field property for the activity.

UiPath version: 2019.10.3.

Requesting immediate help.
Thank you.

Edit: The selector in Production detected is:
sap id=‘usr/ctxt[0]’

What is the reason behind the difference in selectors? The SAP version and patch level is same.



Hello Jignesh,
in your connection settings of your productive system you have enabled Low Speed Connection. Activate High Speed Connection and all will work as expected. You can find more information here.
Best regards

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Thank you for the quick and accurate root cause analysis! Highly appreciate it!

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